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Camp Attach
Camp Attach is a week long family experience designed to bring your family together.  Most families with troubled children find that their “problem child” gets all the attention. Meanwhile the children with better behavior tend to get short-changed in the ”mommy time” category.  The family seems to constantly be addressing the maladaptive behaviors of the child currently in crisis instead of enjoying their time together.

It is the goal of this camp to provide each family with the opportunity to spend quality time with all of their children.  If  an attention-seeking child has a “blow out,” trained staff will remove the child from the activity and address their behaviors so that the rest of the family can continue having fun.  You will also have an opportunity to learn the interventions used to appropriately address your child’s behaviors.  Emotionally healthy children ages 5 and older will participate in a special program designed to honor and encourage them with unforgettable fun. 

This is an opportunity for your family to relax, and experience a fun camp environment with others who share your experiences and frustrations.  We want to give you a new perspective on what it means to be a “family having fun” and at the same time, learn new strategies to take home with you to implement in your day-to-day lives.

Nancy Thomas

Nancy Thomas is recognized throughout the world as a leading expert in parenting troubled children.  She has been a therapeutic foster/attachment parent for 30 years.  The work she is doing was presented in the HBO documentary Child of Rage in 1990.  She has also authored the parenting guide: When Love is Not Enough.  This is your opportunity to spend a week with Nancy, learning her techniques, strategies and philosophy in working with troubled children.  Due to Nancy’s desire to spend quality time  with each family, the number of families will be limited. 



Camp Fees:  The per family fee covers one parent and one child.  There is an additional charge for each additional person.  We strongly encourage that both parents attend together if possible.

All costs are included in the camp fees. This includes all food, lodging and activities at Camp Attach.  It will be necessary to bring your own bedding—many opt for sleeping bags.  Camp Attach will take place at Camp Horizon campground in Leesburg, Florida.  More information about the camp facilities is available at 

Activities include: canoeing, swimming, night time campfires, sporting activities such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer, arts and crafts and much, much more.

Camp Attach is an opportunity for your family to make some great memories while in the supportive environment of  trained staff and other families who experience the same struggles and frustrations that you do.  You will find yourself relaxing and enjoying the environment without concerns for the consequences of your child’s difficult behavior.

Come, Relax and Enjoy—you deserve it!!!!!  Please E mail us at or call us at (407) 260-0031 for registration information.

Scholarship Opportunities (if available):  Those interested in applying for a scholarship should submit the following information to or use the contact form below.

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