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Zengar Institute, Inc. has developed a system of neurofeedback  designed specifically to speak to the brain in it’s own language.  The brain is a non-linear dynamical system—it doesn’t communicate as we do with our language.  To understand it, requires a deep and vast knowledge of mathematics and quantum physics. 

Fortunately, Valdean Brown, who developed NeurOptimal, has that gift and with it he created a  system that has revolutionized neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is information technology for the brain.  If you give the brain information in the right way, the brain can use that information to re-organize itself.  And when it does, unwanted complaints frequently drop away. 

No longer are QEEG’s necessary, no longer are we comparing your brain function to that of a database full of individual’s QEEG’s to work toward all brains functioning the same way.  Instead, we are honoring the ability of each and every brain to determine what it needs and how to re-organize itself when given useful information.  The NeurOptimal program “listens” to the brain, giving it a signal when it is doing something less than optimal, letting it know to “try something different.”

Traditional Neurofeedback
Previously, neurofeedback consisted of having a QEEG done—a process that generally costs many hundreds of dollars.  The client has a series of 19 electrodes attached to their head.  The brain activity at those 19 sites is recorded while the client engages in different activities. The recording is then compared to a database with hundreds and thousands of other QEEG’s.  A report is generated and returned to the practitioner saying  for example: this area is running slower compared to the database and this area is running faster.  The neurofeedback practitioner would then place an electrode on each of those areas in turn and work toward training the brain to go faster or slower in each area so that it more closely resembled the collective information gained from the database of QEEGs. In essence, pushing the brain to do what we determined it should do.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback
NeurOptimal operates on a different premise.  Instead of making all brains function similarly, we believe that if a brain is not working to its full potential, it has the ability to correct or improve itself, if given the information and opportunity to do so.  With Neuroptimal, instead of training the brain to work as we “tell” it to, we simply give it a pause, and it tries something different.  If the “something different” is not beneficial to it’s functioning, there will be another pause and it will try again.  Before long, the brain trains itself to operate more efficiently and more effectively, resulting in  better lives.

Anecdotal results include:

* decrease in hyperactivity 

 * improved reading skills

* improved mood

* increased self-control

* reduced stress and anxiety

* improved performance

*  decrease in volatility

*  decreased distractibility

*   improved coordination

*   improved concentration

*  increased clarity of thought


NeurOptimal Features
·          Speaks the non-linear dynamical language of the brain, giving the brain the information it needs and the opportunity necessary to improve it’s functioning.
·          Effortless flow through each session as client relaxes to music or watches a DVD movie.

·          Feedback adjustable to the client’s tolerance to maximize progress and minimize frustration.

·          Baselines taken before and after each session of training to monitor progress and achievement.

·          “Effortless” modification of brain function leading to self-modified behavior and improved lives.

·          Improving the brain’s function impacts nearly all areas of living, leading to a more satisfying life.

·          Effective for children as young as 2 years of age

There is no limit to the area’s of life that can be positively affected by  improving the ability of your brain to work more effectively.

We look forward to working with you to assist your brain in being all that it is capable of  being.

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