Attachment Services of Central Florida, Inc. 

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We are therapists working with children and their families, who are dealing with the day to day struggles of a child with attachment issues while trying to heal the child from their faulty belief system of "I trust only myself, the world is dangerous so I must be in control, and there is something inherently bad about me."  This belief system leads to a decision making process of "I can do whatever I need to do, to get what I want, regardless of the consequences to myslef or others."

The healing of these children takes place through the relationship between the chile and the primary caregiver, generally the mother.  As therapists, we support the caregivers in 

Attachment Services of Central Florida Inc, provides the following services:

Family / Individual Services

  • Therapy for Attachment
    • Individual (child and adult)
    • Couples
    • Family
    • Two-Week Intensive (Done in 10 Consecutive Days)
  • Pre-Adoption and Post-Adoption Services
  • Adult Therapy
    • Attachment
    • Anger Management
    • Grief and Loss Issues
    • Traumatic Stress Resolution (EMDR)
  • Monthly Support Group - Heart Attach
    • Meets 2nd Friday of each month in our offices at 7:00 PM. 
    • There is no charge and child care is available. 
  • Respite
  • Assessment
  • Parent Training
  • Advocacy
  • Resource Library
  • Therapeutic Treatment Family

Community Services

  • Education and Training
    • Teachers
    • Social Service Workers
    • Law Enforcement
    • Lawyers / Guardian Ad Litem Volunteers
    • Physicians
  • Advocacy
  • Prevention